Key Attributes

  • Exceptional value
  • Web enabled
  • Best practice risk management system
  • Consistent with ISO 31000
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • 3 levels; Strategic, Operational & Process
  • Don't need a risk manager to use
  • Pop out help cards at point of need
  • Directly links objectives with risk
  • Integrates performance and quality
  • Email reminders on action plans
  • Client customisation to suit
  • Dual reporting styles in A4 pdf printing
  • Traffic light RiskCard® (risk register style)
  • 4 quadrant target style RiskCard® (heatmap)
  • Backed by risk management professionals

Why does Risk Management:

  • feel more like ‘list management’ – bureaucratic, irrelevant and performed in 'silos'?
  • fail to appreciate and assimilate the strategic aims and objectives of your organisation?
  • lack boardroom credibility such that it is not truly driven from the top?


These frustrations led to Offrisk’s creation of the Balanced RiskCard®, designed to couple good risk management practice with good management practice.  We believe good risk management should just be part of the way you do business and be directly linked to agreed objectives.

Balanced RiskCard® is for companies and organisations, large and small, seeking to combine risk and performance management such that risk is simply part of a manager’s day-to-day activities.

With Balanced RiskCard®, you don’t need a team of risk management experts: it is easy-to-use, intuitive and ideally-suited to managers who want to apply best practice in a non-invasive way.

The Balanced RiskCard®’s development has been influenced by Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approaches, standards including ISO31000 and Offrisk’s extensive consulting experience.

The web-based system reflects your organisation’s structure, strategy and objectives and should engage your people from Team Leader to Senior Management and Audit Committee alike.


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